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Battle for the West
Anti-grazing advocates plan conference
by Cat Urbigkit

It's almost that time again, when anti-public lands livestock grazing activists hold their annual get-together to talk about how to rid the West of its livestock. The RangeNet 2003 Conference is slated for Nov. 5-7 in Boulder, Colo.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, begins the conference with a welcoming session highlighted by a slide presentation and book signing by George Wuerthner, co-editor of Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West.

Thursday, Nov. 6 has an agenda that includes a discussion of ranching, which is described as the "subsidized destruction of the American West."

Grazing advocates will talk about the economics of public lands ranching, the buyout of grazing permits as a way to rid public lands of livestock, and endangered species, with the spotlight being on the plight of the sage grouse in the West.

Friday's session includes discussions of the importance of large predators and how ranching poses an impediment to wolf recovery. Also up for review will be the need to protect mountain lions and other carnivore-protection initiatives.

"Re-Wilding the West" will include a discussion of the Buffalo Commons idea, and wilderness without cows.

The Friday afternoon session draws the grazing issue out to other areas besides federal lands, with topics ranging from grazing in urban/rural open space to the danger of cow attacks.

The conference will conclude with the session called "How the West Will Be Won," with discussions from various groups working to rid the West of livestock grazing.

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