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Yearling butchered

by Cat Urbigkit

Sublette County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Bardy Bardin confirmed Tuesday that a butcher was at work in the Upper Green last week, killing and butchering a yearling steer or heifer on the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Bardin confirmed Upper Green River Valley Cattle Association President Albert Sommers called him to the site near the Bend of the Green River last Saturday, July 26.

The animal appeared to have been cut up with a meat saw, Bardin said, with all the cuts made with a sharp instrument. The head was removed, as were both hindquarters and both shoulders. About all that was left of the beef carcass was the rib cage and some backstrap, Bardin said.

The butcher managed to take about all the good meat from the animal, as well as any part of the body that would have revealed earmarks or brands.

Bardin said it appears the animal was killed the week of July 20 through 26. His examination of the carcass last Saturday led him to believe the incident may have happened up to five days prior, Bardin said.

The animal was apparently killed in a fairly open area and was drug through the brush for a distance to the butchering site, Bardin said.

A plastic ice sack was discovered at the butcher site and was gathered as evidence, Bardin said. The state crime lab is examining that evidence, he added.

Bardin urges anyone with any information about this incident to contact SCSD at 307-367-6593. If you saw anything suspicious in the area, heard anyone bragging, or witnessed anyone hanging meat without a hide on it, please assist the investigation by contacting Bardin at the above number.

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