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Volume 3, Number 11 - June 12, 2003
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RHCD board tackles budget issues

by Bill Boender

At the Monday night meeting of the Sublette County Rural Health Care District Board, Dr. Darcy Turner presented and read a letter from Dr. David Burnett regarding budget items.

The letter questioned the removal of replacement countertops in the emergency room and floor stripping and waxing from the previously approved budget and asked if this was an arbitrary deduction from their budget. The letter also requested that meeting minutes be made available for review by the operating physicians and that a meeting agenda be provided in a timely manner. The letter concluded with the statement, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Turner further questioned the payment of $1,625 in continuing medical education expense (CME) to Dr. Judy Boyle after Turner was told by board members that these expenses would not be paid. He then submitted a voucher for his own CME expense. At this point, Boyle said she would refund payment for her CME and Dr. Turner should withdraw his request for payment.

A motion was made by Board Member Jerry Jensen to adopt revised sections of the Policy and Procedures Manual as they are completed. The motion died for lack of a second and the board agreed to further consider this at their next policy review meeting.

Board Member Bill Barney moved to publish unofficial minutes of meetings so that they might be reviewed before being approved at the next meeting. This motion was approved and adopted unanimously.

Board Member Mary Lynn Worl moved to approve payment of the $40,000 loan to Dr. Alexios Constantinides on the condition that the board receives a voucher and mortgage for second position on the doctor's home. The motion was approved with one nay vote by Garry Eiden, Sr.

Clerk Juana McGinnis recommended that the district set up a separate workers compensation account with the State of Wyoming and discontinue filing under Sublette County as the rate would be significantly lower. McGinnis also recommended placing $800,000 in funds in an interest-bearing account with Wyoming Star as these funds are in excess of budgeted needs for the next six months of operation.

Chairman Walt Bousman recommended reducing the savings transfer to $750,000 to cover anticipated expenses for replacement medical equipment and a new ambulance engine. Both these recommendations were approved and adopted.

Three architects will be asked for recommendations and budget figures for additions to both the Pinedale and Big Piney clinics. Garry Eiden, Sr and one other board member, along with the operating physicians, will meet with the architects to review the extent of the planning and needs of the clinics.

Bousman suggested that some of the unused $80,000 appropriated last year for additions could be reallocated for this expense.

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