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BLM shuts down New Fork campground

by Cat Urbigkit

The Bureau of Land Management in Pinedale will close the New Fork River Campground on March 14. Heavy commercial truck traffic has caused damage to vegetation, water, soil and roads.

"We will close and secure the campground to keep the public safe until the campground and facilities are again suitable for public use," said Martin Hudson, outdoor recreation planner for the BLM field office in Pinedale. Only employees of Wyoming Game and Fish, federal, state and county law enforcement, irrigation ditch operators and the BLM are allowed into the campgrounds to perform official duties.

The Pinedale BLM office attributes much of the problem to commercial water trucks driving into the site to draw water for their operations. The weight and frequency of the water trucks have left ruts in the terrain. In some cases, diesel fuel, oil and other fluids have been spilled. Currently, the campground restrooms cannot be adequately maintained for public use by the BLM.

"The state of Wyoming may permit the companies to draw water from the New Fork River, but the right-of-way authorization to access the river across public land must come from the BLM," said Hudson. According to Hudson, the BLM will work with industry to find alternate locations from which to draw water from the river other than this recreation facility.

The approximately three-acre New Fork River Campground is located near where Wyoming Highway 351 and the New Fork River in Sublette County meet.

The New Fork River Campground and related facilities will remain closed to the public for recreation activities and other purposes until further notice.

For additional information please contact Peter McFadden, Assistant Field Manager, P.O. Box 768, 432 E Mill Street, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941, or by telephone at 307-367-5300.

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