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Sublette County jail to house 50 prisoners, 21 staffers

A staffing analysis of the new jail facility currently under construction indicates the Sublette County Sheriff's Office will need 21 full-time staff positions in order for it to be fully staffed.

That's what the Sublette County Commissioners were told Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff Hank Ruland and Detention Sergeant Brandon Overdorff told the commission that the detention facility will require a tripling of the jail workforce.

Ruland confirmed that there are currently seven detention positions, handling the 12 to 18 prisoners the county currently houses.

The new facility will provide for 50 prisoner beds with 21 staff members. Building architect Brad Waters said the general rule is one officer per two beds. Overdorff said for comparison, Teton County has 32 beds and 16 staffers, and Sheridan has 46 beds with 16 officers.

Ruland said counting all his employees, from deputies to secretaries, the department currently has about 40 employees, including 22 sworn officers.

Commissioner Betty Fear said she'd be expecting a large increase in the department's budget request this year, which the commission hadn't anticipated.

Ruland noted that with the beds available, the county will be able to take in outside prisoners for a set fee per day, with the possibility of having over half the beds being paid prisoners.

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