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Drafting Wyoming law

by Cat Urbigkit

When the 2003 General Session of the 57th Wyoming Legislature convenes in Cheyenne next week to begin its work, it does so with hundreds of bills prefiled for its consideration.

The bills address a wide variety of issues: House Bill 50 would classify stray cats as predatory animals; HB53 would limit the time of day for telephone solicitations; and HB56 would create a Regan's safe haven for abandoned newborns.

Here's a preview of some of the bills proposed for consideration by the Wyoming House of Representatives as well as the Wyoming Senate.

HB03 concerns firearm sale restrictions and is sponsored by Representative Harry Tipton of Lander. This legislation would repeal weapons statutes governing the sale, purchase and delivery of rifles and shotguns across state lines.

HB09 addresses the state animal damage management program. It eliminates the repeal date for the animal damage management program; provides for continuation of the wildlife damage management stamp; provides for continuation of the landowner coupon checkoff box; and provides an appropriation. It's sponsored by the House Agriculture Committee.

HB12, sponsored by the labor committee, would increase the malt beverage excise tax.

HB18, sponsored by the Joint Transportation and Highways Interim Committee, proposes to increase the fuel tax by three cents per gallon.

HB29, sponsored by Representative George McMurtrey of Rozet, would require reports of patient information by health care-providers and hospitals to law-enforcement agencies under certain circumstances, while providing for immunity under certain circumstances.

HB34, sponsored by the House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee, relates to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's limited-quota hunting licenses. The bill would increase specified nonresident hunting license application fees and modify the percentage of specified nonresident limited quota hunting licenses available under a special drawing.

HB36 would provide across-the-board increases in the license fees for hunting, trapping and fishing in Wyoming, for both residents and non-residents. It's sponsored by the joint travel committee.

HB37 proposes to establish a statewide mill levy of two mills on the dollar to fund school capital construction needs. It's sponsored by Representative Tony Ross of Cheyenne.

HB40 would create a committee to study and recommend incentives for certain value-added mineral products. It's sponsored by Representative Del McOmie of Lander.

HB44 concerns safety belts in motor vehicles and is sponsored by Representative Roy Cohee of Casper. This act would repeal the prohibition against admissibility of evidence of nonuse of a safety belt in a civil action.

HB45 would repeal the Wyoming Business Council sunset date.

HB46, sponsored by the Joint Labor, Health and Services Interim Committee, would create a state health-care commission within the governor's office. The legislation outlines the commission's membership, authorizes an advisory board, specifies duties, requires the commission to submit its recommendations to the legislature; authorizes the commission to hire a director and staff; provides an appropriation; provides for the termination of the commission, board and staff positions as specified; and providing for an effective date.

HB48, sponsored by Representative Colin Simpson of Cody, amends the existing private road statute. This bill would require notice be given to holders of recorded easements and rights of way, including both surface and subsurface interests, when an application to establish a private road is filed.

House Joint Resolution No. 02 proposes to amend the Wyoming Constitution to modify the prohibition against the legislature limiting the amount of damages that may be recovered for causing personal injury or death of any person. It's sponsored by the labor committee.

Senate File 06 proposes substantial changes to Wyoming's Veterinary Practice Act, including modifying licensing qualifications and procedures, the scope of services covered under the act, and disciplinary actions.

SF 24 would provide for higher penalties for conviction of speeding in school zones. It's sponsored by Senator Gerald Geis of Worland.

SF26 would authorize an employee insurance participation feasibility study. Sponsored by the labor committee, the study would examine ways to improve employee participation and involvement in health care and health insurance decision-making.

SF27, sponsored by the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee,would increase compensation to those serving as Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioners. Commission compensation would increase from $20 to $75 per day, with a maximum of $4,000 per year, for attendance at commission meetings.

SF28 also relates to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. This bill would change where game violation restitution payments are placed. Currently, restitution payments go to the state's general fund, but under this proposal, the money will instead be placed in the WG&F's fund.

Bill status line (to learn the status of up to five bills per telephone call) 1-800-342-9570

Voter hotline (to leave a message recommending a vote for or against a particular bill) 1-866-996-VOTE

To request a return call from a legislator, call the receptionist in the correct legislative chamber. For the House, dial 307-777-7852 or for the Senate, dial 307-777-7711.

Copies of bills are available for viewing at county clerk offices and county libraries across the state, as well on the legislative website.

Legislative website:

Senator Delaine Roberts of Etna, and Representative Monte Olsen of Daniel and Stan Cooper of Kemmerer represent Sublette County in the Wyoming Legislature.

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