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Volume 2, Number 22 - August 29, 2002
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Public Notices

In the district court
ninth judicial district
State of Wyoming )
County of Sublette )
In the Matter of the Estate )
of Vera Kirk Hittle )
Probate No. 1824
To all persons interested in said estate:
You are hereby notified that on the 2nd day of August, 2002, the estate of the above named decedent were admitted to probate by the above named court, and that SUZANNE HITTLE MICHNEVICH and FOREST KIRK HITTLE were appointed Co-Personal Representatives thereof.
Notice is further given that all persons indebted to the decedent or to his/her estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned at c/o P.O. Box 130, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941.
Creditors having claims against the decedent or the estate are required to file them in duplicate with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, or before three months after the date of the first publication of this notice, and if such claims are not so filed, unless otherwise allowed or paid, they will be forever barred.
Dated this 2nd day of August, 2002.
/s/ Ralph E. Wood, Attorney for Estate
Wood Law Office, P.O. Box 130, Pinedale Wyo., 82941, 307-367-4301.
Published in the Sublette Examiner Aug. 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2002.

Plaintiffs, )
vs. )
husband and wife, )
Defendants. )
TO: OTHO B. HEADD (Address Unknown) and MARIE HEADD (Address Unknown)
TAKE NOTICE that NANCY RUTH TAYLOR, RUSSELL KENNETH PARRY and SALLY VIRGINIA MARCINIAK have filed a Complaint in the District Court, Ninth Judicial District, Sublette County, Wyoming sitting in the Town of Pinedale, to quiet title to:
A tract of land in the SE1/4SE1/4 of Section 27, Township 34 North, Range 109 West of the 6th P.M., Sublette County, Wyoming, particularly described as follows:
Starting at the Northeast corner of the SE1/4SE1/4 of Section 27, Township 34 North, Range 109 West, and proceeding thence westerly along the North line of the SE1/4SE1/4 of Section 27, a distance of 1030 feet to a point;
Thence proceeding S. 4500'E., a distance of 360 feet to the point of beginning;
Thence proceeding N. 4500'E., a distance of 155.4 feet to a point;
Thence proceeding S.5124'E., a distance of 50.3 feet to a point;
Thence proceeding S. 4500'W., a distance of 161 feet to a point;
Thence proceeding N. 4500'W., a distance of 50 feet to the point of beginning;
TOGETHER WITH all improvements and appurtenances thereunto appertaining naming each of you and every one of you as Defendants, alleging that you claim estate, rights, titles, liens and interests therein which are adverse to those of the Plaintiffs, and that Plaintiffs are seeking to have title to said real property forever quieted and judicial determination that none of you have any estates, rights, titles, liens or interests therein.
FURTHER, you are notified that you are required to answer Plaintiffs' Complaint on or before October 8, 2002 by filing the same with the Clerk of this Court; otherwise, said Complaint shall be taken as true and judgment shall be rendered against you accordingly.
/s/ Marilyn M. Jensen
Clerk of District Court
Box 764
Pinedale, Wyo., 82941
Published in the Sublette Examiner Aug. 15, 22, 29 and Sept. 5, 2002.

Sublette County Rural Health Care District is accepting sealed bids for the following vehicle:
1991 Chevy Silverado 3500 ambulance
1-ton chassis
Automatic 4x2
Gas powered
102,441 miles
Grill guard
Air suspension
Red and white in color
Air conditioning
Tilt steering wheel
Two-tone brown vinyl bucket seats
Carpeted cab
AM/FM radio
Cruise control
Towing mirrors
Six new tires (only 245 miles to date)
New spare tire
Recently aligned
Possession of vehicle will be contingent upon receipt of the replacement ambulance in October or November.
Please call 307-367-2315 (Pinedale Ambulance Barn) to schedule an inspection or test drive.
All bids must be received at the address below by 4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, 2002, in a sealed envelope. Bids will be considered at the Sept. 9, 2002, regular meeting, 7:30 p.m. at the Marbleton Fire Hall, Marbleton, Wyo.
307-367-2099, P.O. Box 742, 219 East Pine Street, Suite 108, Pinedale, Wyo., 82941.
Published in the Sublette Examiner Aug. 22, 29 and Sept. 5, 2002.

In accordance with the provisions of the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act and Chapter 1, Section 2(c) of the Solid Waste Rules and Regulations, the Sublette County Commissioners have submitted a permit application for a new solid waste management facility called the Marbleton #3 Landfill.
The purpose of this facility is to provide for the disposal of municipal solid waste which have been generated within Teton and Sublette Counties. The 240 acre facility is located approximately 2 miles northeast of the City of Marbleton off Wyoming Highway 351. More specifically, this facility is located in the South half of Section 22, T30N, R111W, Sublette County, Wyoming. The total volumetric capacity of this facility is estimated to be approximately 11 million cubic yards of solid waste. The life of this facility is estimated to be 62 years.
This notice is to announce that the Department of Environmental Quality, Solid and Harzardous Waste Division has determined the application to be complete and technically adequate. The Department has issued a permit review and a DRAFT permit which can be viewed, along with a copy of the application, at the Sublette County Clerk's Office and the Sublette County Public Library.
The public comment period for this matter shall begin on August 29, 2002, and end on October 5, 2002.
Any interested person has the right to file written objections to the DRAFT permit. Objections must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the pubic comment period and should clearly state the author's basis for the objection and why the author feels the proposed application does not adequately meet the requirements of the applicable rules or statutes. Objections must be submitted in writing to the Department of Environmental Quality, Dennis Hemmer, Director, 122 West 25th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. If substantial written objections are filed, a contested case hearing will be held by the Environmental Quality Council.
In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, special assistance or alternative formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities.
Published in the Sublette Examiner, August 29 and September 5, 2002.

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