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Volume 2, Number 16 - July 18, 2002
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It's a toss up who enjoyed the rides more: the real firemen or the passengers. Thank you guys, the rides were great!
Catfun Fishraiser

According to John Ball, Fire Chief of Big Piney/Marbleton Volunteer Fire Department, the fry fundraiser started six years ago as a way to buy extra equipment that is not purchased with budgeted monies from the towns and county. The department purchases 200 pounds of catfish to put on the fry every year, usually on the second or third Saturday of July. The extras, to make it a well-balanced meal, are also purchased by the department and donating individuals and businesses. John "the Fireman" commented, "The Fry is just a great opportunity for the townspeople to get together and enjoy a good meal and tell stories. We appreciate all the donations and support."

"Attention! Catfish Fry this way!" The welcoming crew Germany Eiden and Caitlin Haugh.

The townspeople enjoyed getting together and supporting the local fire department.

Photo credits:  Carie Whitman

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