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Fresh Winds lift WWII history

Rather than taking down the chainlink fence to get the plane onto the airport tarmac, it's hoisted over the fence with a crane. The late Aaron McGinnis bought the plane from Clarence "Dizzy" Anderson. It was constructed in 1941, and was stored in a special log hangar at the ranch when Aaron wasn't flying it. Now two more generations are working toward flying the plane themselves: Aaron's son Myles McGinnis, and Myles and Corby's 19-year old son Michael.
Jim McLellan Courtesy Photo.

Gary Rees will haul anything: This nearly 29-feet-long mammoth, with a 42-foot wide wingspan, was hauled intact about 75 miles early Sunday morning, as seen here entering Big Piney. The BT-13 was hauled from Myles McGinnis' Fontenelle Creek ranch and transported on highways and byways to the Pinedale airport.
Carie Whitman Photo.

The BT-13 is a two-seater basic trainer, and had the distinction of being produced in greater numbers than all other basic trainers produced in the U.S.A. during World War II. While more than 11,000 of the planes were made, there are now only about 50 left flying. McLellan will spend the next year getting this one into flying condition before he takes it to the air. Corby McGinnis said her family offers a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped get the plane safely moved.
Jim McLellan Courtesy Photo.

The Sublette County Sheriff's Department and Wyoming Highway Patrol provided the police escort, as seen here crossing the New Fork River bridge. Pilot and mechanic Jim McLellan said he knows of nowhere else in the country where agencies would work together to move such an aircraft down a highway for even one mile, let alone 75 miles.
Cat Urbigkit Photo.

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