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Volume 2, Number 14 - July 3, 2002
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Black, White & the Blues

by Delsa Allen

When David Wesley Vaughan reflected back to the first Wind River Blues Festival, he picked up a challenge from the blues musicians to replicate the mood of the event with photos and break a few darkroom rules when printing the images. The results are stunning, showing the artist's free spirit as he played with the one-of-a-kind images.

Black, White & the Blues will hang at Rock Rabbit Art Gallery until Monday, July 8. Vaughan said "I was slightly overwhelmed by the response from the musicians who viewed my work. Carl, the lead singer of Blind Dog Smokin' said to me, 'I've had 1,000's of pictures taken of me over the years and yours are the only ones I've liked. You captured the real me on stage. Your fine art stuff is amazing, more like paintings than photographs.'"

Photo credits:  Delsa Allen

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