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Over the Hills & Through the Brush
Not your ordinary golf game

Thirty-eight people showed up for the Waterhole #3 Days Annual Cowboy Golf Tournament. It took the group from one-and-a-half hours to four-and-a-half hours to get from the start, at the top of the hill, to the end, the south side of Highway 189 across from the Waterhole.

Winning men's team members were Ryan Tanner and Brian Knotts and the winning women's team was Kim Tanner and Audra Hawkins, each receiving $100 plus a door prize. Afterwards there was a drawing for all participants for other door prizes. Around 20 people participated in the horseshoe pitch that day with Dudley Key and Bob Martin taking the win.

One of the rules of the game is that nothing can be moved in front of where the ball lays. Debris can be moved behind, but most of the time that's not enough to help the situation. The ball must literally be beaten out of the brush to get it free.

Before getting on the bus to head to the starting line many miles from town, participants inside the Waterhole #3 get the low-down on the rules of this golf game.

A team of golfers prepares to putt onto the "green" at the first hole of the day and head onto the next well-marked hole.

Kenna Tanner (center) discusses the course with friends Shawna Evans and Audra Hawkins, who came from Jackson to join in the fun. The course consists of four holes and lots of obstacles, including water, sand, houses and plenty of sagebrush. Participants are paired off for the course as they keep track of each other's score and give advice, whether it's wanted or not. Team members take turns getting to each hole. Once back at the Waterhole, the teams are broken up and new teams are determined through a drawing. The new team scores are combined to determine the winners.

Ryan Tanner takes a swing near hole three. This is where proper direction is important, since there are houses and vehicles around.

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